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Successful web projects are invariably the product of deep research. We rely heavily on free and public domain software. The giants of software have widely adopted new tools that greatly benefit developer productivity. Meteor, Git, NGINX, AngularJs, Bootstrap, Packer, Jasemine and Jenkins specific. Meteor, Jekyll, Drupal, and Wordpress have proven to be the most adaptive tools for managing the complex needs of our clients and Biomassives continues to maintain sites with these tools today.

We are always careful to protect intellectual property and to help map out the best strategy to help build your community while retaining value for your company. unless otherwise expressly shared.

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Educational Video library collection maintained for student archiving of important videos supporting sustainable community development

Technologies Used: Wordpress, Graphic Design, Maintained Deployment, Video Uploading Service

Mamawatoto Eco School

Eco School, green jobs, and conservation awareness in rapidly urbanizing areas

Technologies: Wordpress Facebook Business Page, Technology training: Suite CRM, Android WP-Droid App for app maintenance

Goals: Support for green jobs program, eco-school curriculum development, solar panel assembly group organizing, , damaged structures database,

Sweetwave Audio

Prestashop Ecommerce and CMS System

Technologies Used: Module & Theme Development, Database migration, Major Version Upgrade, AWS EC2, bro ide

Web Design for Artists and Illustrators

Rosebud and Moon

Technologies Used: Responsive UI, AnimateCSS, MeteorJs, Mailchimp

Web Design for Restaurants

Ubon Thai Cuisine

Technologies Used: CSS3, Jquery Carousel, Web Promotion

Web Design for Musicians

Mbanza Band

Technologies Used: Youtube Video Background Animation, Soundcloud, Mailchimp, Bandsintown Integration

Equestrian Premier Hunter/Jumper Barn

ReinTree Stables

Technologies Used: Drupal, CSS3, Drupal Theme Development

non profit educational organization web design

Ecocity Lifelong Learning Network

Technologies Used: Copywriting, Research, Triangulate js, Mobile First Design Pattern

APP Production >> API/UI Maintenance

Biomassives provides you with tools for managing and delegating responsibility within your team. 2016 best practices lower costs while enabling rapid growth. Biomassives client login system is a central point where documentation, test coverage, and repositories, resources can be referenced. focus on your content and customers.

Estimates are based on a rate of $100/hr, $50/hr for non profit organizations, or by negotiated agreement. Hosting costs are typically zero to very minimal for low usage, but can configured to allow for high availability and responsivity during events and other peak usage moments.

Biomassives website and app deployment service helps our clients to make the most of free cloud services from multiple providers, while keeping costs down. Your hosting costs are free, and you can opt to pay for monthly deployment management and SEO service, or manage it yourself. We are available to help if you need us.

Projects are deployed for the highest availability while minimizing costs. We recommend accounts with each of the following services, so that we can provide the most reliable service for the lowest monthly costs: IBM Bluemix, Amazon Web Services, Open Shift, and Heroku.

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